A lifestyle brand.

A lifestyle brand that creates both timeless and reimagined classics, BONIA curates a seasonal collection of bags, accessories, footwear, watches, eyewear and more – each piece crafted to be loved and stand the test of time as a companion for life. With a vision rooted in craftsmanship and individuality, BONIA aims to fuel your sense of self-expression and exploration.

The spirit of BONIA.

Since our earliest days in the 1970s, we have been on a mission to develop luxury and lifestyle goods that speak to every BONIA man and woman – not just what’s on their shoulder, but what’s in their lives. The spirit of BONIA approaches life with an ethos of adventure and romance, hoping to inspire, and continually explore new ways to empower our community.

Our mark, your style.

Our best-selling style since 1974, the BONIA Monogram takes our commitment to craftsmanship to the forefront. The Monogram Collection is especially designed for those with a refined taste and a strong sense of personal style. These pieces are crafted so their classic beauty can be shared for generations to come.